Second Annual Meditation Cruise

Second Annual Meditation Cruise

One of the joys of my practice has been sharing relaxation, stress reduction and mindfulness meditation techniques with clients, friends and family.  We’re, right now, preparing for our 2nd Annual Mindfulness Meditation Cruise that is happening January 15-20, 2017, aboard the Norwegian Pearl, from the Port of Miami. On our last cruise, a year ago, my wife and I, along with...[ read more ]

Is this your Physician?

Speaking of stress, let’s look at a typical (albeit hypothetical) Physician – patient interaction at a follow-up visit: Physician: “Good morning Mr. Farnswinkle, how are you feeling today?” Patient: “I’m feeling OK doc, how are you?” Physician: (never looking directly at Mr. Farnswinkle, concentrating instead on the results in the patient’s records) As usual, too much work very little time… Let’s talk about...[ read more ]

High Cholesterol and Stress

Therapy for Anxiety Disorders | Psychological Counseling Services

I am stressed “is there a pill that can help”? Sometimes a or the “magic pill” is not the solution. You may be asking why not a pill? It seems easy. After all, if a Physician is treating the disease, the patient should be OK, right? Well, not necessarily so. Most Physicians will treat only what they can see –...[ read more ]