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Maybe you and/or your child has ADHD/ADD?  Many of our clients have found their assessment a profound experience, with new insights and comfort.

Knowledge is Power!

The process and results helped them understand themselves, their successes and failures.  Accepting having ADHD/ADD is often a new start to the next level of performance in their life.

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Depending on your objectives, there are three levels of assessment:

If you are curious if you have ADHD/ADD and need a better understanding of what is possible,  Dr. LaVine provides a very cost effective ADHD Screening Consultation for $300.

ADHD Assessment, Impact on Your Life and Next Steps Consultation:

  • an ADHD behavioral assessment
  • a biopsychological assessment to understand what else may be contributing to symptoms like distraction, lack of focus, getting things done, or relationship concerns
  • an hour consultation to discuss how ADHD is impacting you and what you can change.  $350

If you are looking for a Gold Standard Comprehensive Assessment Report for psychiatric treatment and/or accommodations, at half the price of other psychologists, Dr. LaVine provides just what the psychiatrist, school or work situation needs to accommodate you.  It will summarize in a precise way, without leaving out important information,  your specific situation. $600.

you are much more likely to get exactly the right:

  • plan to address your objectives
  • information on medication
  • accommodations
  • therapy and/or coaching you need
  • family support.

You will also know how ADHD has impacted your life and how to change.  Many of our clients have made a profound change in their life.

You tell your story once for the assessment, then it it is clearly documented for all parties.  The testing pinpoints the areas that need the help.

Dr. LaVine can customize your assessment with almost any neurological or psychological assessment required by your school, testing site or work.

Once you know you are ADD/ADHD, what can you change?

  • Get things done – following through on tasks
  • Success at work, school and relationships
  • Ability to listen and hear others
  • Follow through on commitments. Be where you are suppose to be, when you are suppose to be there, and ready to do what you are suppose to do.



What is involved with a Gold Standard in ADHD/ADD assessment:

  • Process takes 2 hours of proven psychological and neurological executive function assessments to pinpoint issues, identify comorbid issues and make diagnosis.  Completed online, by yourself and an informant.
  • 1. 5 hours of interview to understand and confirm your goals, concerns, issues and personality
  • Report feedback covering the the written report with appropriate diagnosis and very specific recommendations, just for you, that fit your lifestyle, goals and personality.
  • Can add any specific requirements from your school, university or workplace.

The assessment report is very useful.  Your psychiatrist can use it, your college or school can use it to help support you.  Your parents and others supporters will have specific recommendations and plans to help you.

Since we do so many assessment and have gained efficiency we can provide great value – at half the price of many others!   A personalized approach to a lifelong challenge! at a very reasonable cost.

If you just need to understand where you are with ADHD/ADD, you can schedule a consultation without the formal assessment and Dr. LaVine can assist you.



Therapy and Coaching

Get things done now!

Dr. LaVine works with many successful ADD clients – professional athletes, entrepreneurs, tradesman, professors, engineers and sales executives


Top ADHD Specialist!

Therapy can be very useful to overcome impulsivity,  emotional issues, outbursts, identity development and self esteem issues that often occur as a result of years of ADHD interference in daily life.


A coach can be very critical in not only providing support and techniques, but also to help with the major issue with ADD.  Getting things done!.   Making changes in your life demands the very skill that you have difficulty with, planning, organizing, structure, boredom etc.   A coach can get you past those first weeks to months that it takes to make changes.

Take advantage of New year Coaching Special  $100 a session!

BAARS IV Self Report: Quick Screen

Take this quick assessment to see if it is likely to benefit from a consultation or full assessment. Call Dr. LaVine to get the results.

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