ADHD Assessments


Maybe you have ADD?  A professional assessment and diagnosis can provide you with the answer and the specific areas that can be improved.  Once you know you are ADD/ADHD, what can you change?

  • Success at work, school and relationships
  • Ability to listen and hear others
  • Be where you are suppose to be, when you are suppose to be there, and ready to do what you are suppose to do.

Gold Standard in ADHD assessment.

  • Process takes 2 hours of proven psychological and executive function assessments to pinpoint issues and make diagnosis.  Can be done in person or online
  • 1. 5 hours of interview to understand and confirm your goals, concerns, issues and personality
  • Report with appropriate diagnosis and very specific recommendations, just for you, that fit your lifestyle, goals and personality.

Great value!   A personalized approach to a lifelong challenge! at a very reasonable cost.

Therapy and Coaching


Therapy can be very useful to overcome impulsivity,  emotional issues, outbursts, identity development and self esteem issues that often occur as a result of years of ADHD interference in daily life.


A coach can be very critical in not only providing support and techniques, but also to help with the major issue with ADD.  Getting things done!.   Making changes in your life demands the very skill that you have difficulty with, planning, organizing, structure, boredom etc.   A coach can get you past those first weeks to months that it takes to make changes.

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