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Couples Counseling and Family Therapy in Florida | Doctor LaVine


  • Balance (Work/Life/Family)
  • Career or Home Support
  • Finances
  • ADHD or ADD of a partner
  • Contemplating or in Divorce


  • Parenting
  • Blended Families
  • Chronic Illness of a Family Member
  • Trauma
  • Extended Family Conflicts
  • Mental Illness
  • Covid-19 Strain

Critical moments or ruptures in the relationship that can be healed:

  • Significant decisions, including divorcing
  • Dealing With Having or Disciplining of Children, Step-Children
  • Stress and Resentments
  • Lost Intimacy
  • Infidelity/Cheating


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Listen below as Dr. LaVine answers questions about the first session and/or how to deal with partner who is concerned about how what is going to happen in therapy



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Communication and Getting Needs Met

Sometime partners have difficulty coming to agreement or communicating on certain problems or the have developed a pattern of escalation when there are differences.  They may have one big open decision to resolve or many small unresolved ones that  have accumulated.  They may feel their partner does not care or understand there needs and point of view.  These couples can benefit from Gestalt Brief Couple’s Counseling.

Mention of Divorce, Cannot Commit, Try Discernment Counseling

There are couples contemplating divorce.  One or the other is leaning out of the relationship, the other is leaning in to the relationship.   They are

ambivalent about staying or going.  One or both are not committed to working on saving the relationship.  Discernment  counseling  is 1-5 sessions with 3 outcomes:

  1.  Stay as it is
  2.  Commit to separation or divorce
  3.  Intense commitment for a period of time, taking divorce off the table, to make it work. 

The goal is clarity and confidence in making this very significant decision.

Going Through or Dealing With Life After a Difficult Divorce

Dr. LaVine has worked with individuals that needed help dealing with verbal, emotional and even physical abuse they suffered in a relationship.  Support to negotiate whatever needs to be negotiated or worked out, without the other party present.

No charge for twenty minute telephone consult.

The First Step is to Talk to the Doctor for a NO CHARGE CONSULTATION to See If There is a Good or Great Fit!

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Counseling Sessions

In session: I observe, reflect, challenge, provide expertise, teach, and facilitate a new way to interact to get each parties needs met now and into the future; even if there is divorce or separation.

  • The first session only requires a commitment to find out what is possible, its not a commitment to couples therapy until the goals are defined.
  • After the initial meeting a decision can be made to either work towards a mutual goal in couples therapy or, if one party is not clear or committed work on bringing clarity and resolution to the couple.
  • Or work with an individual in “Individual in relationship” to help that person be the best they can be both in and out of the relationship now and in the future.

The First Step is to Talk to the Doctor for a NO CHARGE CONSULTATION to See If There is a Good or Great Fit!

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