What is Clinical Hypnosis

We have all seen “Las Vegas” hypnosis on the stage, with participates going out cold and doing all kinds of things.  Well clinical hypnosis is nothing like that!

In clinical hypnosis we are able to reach that part of the mind that wants you well.  It has the same rapid relief effects of medication without the side effects, which are only call side effects because they are unwanted.

During hypnosis you will keep control, be aware of what is going on around you, but you will be comfortably relaxed.  You will find that the body sensations associated with relaxation are pleasant, a stark contrast to the painful sensations of anxiety, anger and depression.  You will be amazed you can feel so good, so quickly.

Hypnosis can be used to counter the physiological, below the conscious level, automatic stress  response called “fight or flight”.  It also can be used to break long term learning which we call habits.   It is a powerful tool that can be taught to you so you can do self hypnosis and strengthen and change your own behaviors!

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy?

Most CBT skill acquisition can be greatly accelerated using hypnosis, this is called Cognitive Hypnotherapy. One main premise of all types of behavior therapy is that many behaviors become so highly learned they become automatic, we often call these habits. We can also have habits of the mind, such as thinking or ruminating negatively or positively. These automatic habits of behavior and thinking can be changed quickly, easily and pleasantly using hypnosis.

How can hypnosis help me break habits?

Neurons that fire together, get wired together into automatic behaviors. We call that learning. When we continue to do something it becomes more and more wired and becomes a powerful habit that can be triggered by the many associations the mind has made between it and other behaviors and other things in the environment. For example, after a long period of having beer and pizza, the mere thought of pizza could induce the desire (automatic behavior) for beer. Hypnosis provides for alternate paths for those associations and new ways of behaving, providing a tool to have other options when the trigger comes up. It can happen in as little as one session but often takes up to three sessions.

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