How to Get Quick Relief From Anxiety and Pain Stress

Stress and Anxiety are higher for everyone! Do you have increased Stress, Anxiety (Anxious feeling and Insomnia) Hypervigilance, Irritability and/or Conflict in Relationships?


Seems like everyone is stressed and anxious. Studies have found that  80% of adults are stressed by finances and work, social media, politics and family; with a third reaching the level of suffering from anxiety in the last two weeks.   At any given time, 1 in 4 adults has an anxiety disorder.


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Stress Continuum- Stuck in stress leads to Anxiety, stuck in anxiety, eventually leads to Depression and Physical Illness.

What happens if people continue to live with stress and anxiety?  Stress has been linked to stomach issues, autoimmune disorders, heart and stroke, illness and more severe mental disorders such as OCD, panic disorders and social phobia; particularly true in teens.  Stress and anxiety spiral up as  worry reduces sleep, procrastination increase and makes demands more severe.

Are More People Seeking Help?

Yes, mostly self help,  gym, yoga, meditations, etc.. All kinds of informal mind body approaches.  Also many are seeking therapy, as stigma is nearly gone, and some attempts at parity of mental health has been put into place.

Discarding Anxiety

Paraphrasing Marcus Aurelius – he did not so much escape anxiety, but that he learned to discard anxiety, as it was in him.  This can be true for you, a client remarked  “I was in a hurry and I caught the bridge, I started to wind up.  I then remembered my skills and told myself, I am not going there anymore. It worked!”


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How do I know if I am effected by stress and anxiety?

Dr. LaVine uses a 1-10 scale for baseline levels of anxiety,  most people are effected significantly at level 5,  but don’t know it until level 7.   Here is part of the scale, use it to find out where you are:

1. and 2. Barely aroused – on the couch, can’t tell your emotion, only if its positive or negative.

3.  Slightly aroused – what many consider “normal”, not aware of our emotions.  Just doing what we need to do.

4. Moderately stressed (maybe in a good way) – like having a deadline.  The stress hormones actually helps us focus and give us energy.  We perform better than normal.  Many people live at a 4, they are always anxious or irritated – so they can perform better.

5. Slightly anxious – we are aware of being tense, we focus on a threat or a solution to a threat and in a thinking loop from the stress hormones.  Its called being  worried, or anticipation, ruminating, some think of it as problem solving, but the end result is more thinking and a difficulty focusing in the present.

6. More anxious – we call it procrastination and/or avoidance, our subconscious or maybe even conscious starts avoiding because we cannot tolerate the feelings of more stress.  After all, its called “fight or flight.”

7. Anxiety –  all of the above, but also physical symptoms break into awareness.  Difficulty with sleep, stomach aches, physical tension.  We know we are anxious.  This is the level most are willing to admit they are having difficulty with anxiety.

8. Fear – we are driven, must have the answer to our fears right now!  We can compulsively use our solutions.  Compulsively drink, eat, shop, sex even when we don’t want to, anything to relieve the tension.

9. Panic disorder –  all of the physical and mental symptoms of a panic attack.

So how to retrain the brain to discard stress and anxiety?

  • Relief in 2 weeks with parasympathetic (fight or flight) retraining for relaxation.
  • Baseline levels of stress come down in 3-4 weeks with adding mindfulness and other mind body tools.
  • Managing worry and rumination 4-8 weeks with retraining the thinking, letting go and getting good sleep and learning new coping strategies using Cognitive therapies.
  • Continued therapy and support to deal with specific issues, other disorders and life issues that trigger the anxiety.
  • Support for changing lifestyle to include new habit for health and to let go of unhealthy coping habits


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Awesome…, great to be able to relax and have a clear mind”– Meredith

Someone to talk to:

“The difference was having a nonjudgmental expert to talk to who  provided real feedback and the tools in a structure that turned my anxiety and depression around in 3 sessions“- LS

Quickly bring balance, sleep and calm.

Anxiety will only continue to grow, bringing more pain, and eventually manifesting in every area of your life – causing many more serious conditions!

The Remedy – Dr. LaVine’s   Anxiety Program

Dr. LaVine is a highly experienced empathetic expert in neuroscience and specializes in anxiety and the stress that comes with other issues.  He is a very flexible and tailors just the right therapy program for you. He has over a 95% success rate to quickly (2-4 weeks) relieve the feelings, thoughts, and pain; even if similar sounding or other approaches have failed you, you have not tried his program.  The program is in three phases.  Relief and functioning (4 weeks), Stressor mangement (4 weeks) and Becoming a postive being (4 weeks).  Many people get the relief they are seeking in the first phase and stop there, some continue to the second phase and stop, but a good number go on to the third phase.


Telehealth (Video/Phone)

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one of 2 great offices!

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Dr. LaVine deals With Complex Cases

  • Anxiety, Depression and Grief
  • Persistent Anxiety, Social Anxiety
  • OCD
  • Phobia
  • Stress and Pain
  • Anxiety and Insomnia
  • Anxiety and Trauma (PTSD)
  • Anxiety and Medical Condition
  • Anxiety and Relationship Issues
  • Anxiety and ADHD
  • Anxiety and Panic
  • Stress in Relationships

Regardless of the cause,  over three quarters of the patients with anxiety and insomnia are able to get sleep within 2-3 weeks of entering the program.

More on Specific Anxiety Disorders:

Specific Modalities that are available :

  • Relaxation techniques
  • Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy / DBT / ACT
  • Client Centered Therapies
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Gestalt Brief Therapy
  • CBT / CBT-I / REBT
  • Biofeedback
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Social Skills
  • Coping Skills Training
  • Schema Therapy
  • Executive and Performance Coaching

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