What you probably have not been told… about stress and anxiety

Quick relief  from overwhelming anxious, depressed and on edge feelings

The secret is to focus first on the overwhelming feelings! Certain experiences or thoughts activate or trigger the stress response (fight, freeze or flight) in the midbrain, out of awareness. In a short time, an imbalance is created in the mind and body (it’s called autonomic system dysregulation). This imbalance leads to anxious and edgy feelings – jittery, tense, often irritable maybe with stomach and bowel issues. Over a longer period of time it leads to emotional exhaustion, lack of sleep, physical health issues, more negativity in thoughts and beliefs, and loss of life energy.  So long as the stressor is still present, and you lack the ability to manage it, the anxiety gets worse.

A first core skill to learn is managing the mind body’s unconscious stress response. Much as a yogi does. Which can happen quickly.  This allows the body to relax, the mind to become calm, positive and clear.  Allowing normal to return and the ability to work on all of the things the mind is telling you.

So stop the progression!  Take action now  because unresolved imbalances and stressors lead to health issues and even more anxiety.  In turn, unresolved stress and anxiety leads to depression and immune issues.


The Remedy – Anxiety & Malaise Treatment

Dr. LaVine is very experienced and is an expert in neuroscience.  He has just the right therapy for you to immediately relieve the feelings, thoughts, and pain. The psychiatrist can prescribe medication to get this effect, however, once you stop taking it, the discomfort and the old thoughts are back,  with dependency is an issue. We create the ability in oneself to master your own feelings using the amazing power of your own mind.  An excellent way for those who do not want to take medication, or if they need to , the minimum amount.

Dr. LaVine provides a safe place, empathetic care  and a brilliant transformation program to bring you to the point where you are comfortable with your thoughts, emotions and reactions to life events. Thus, feeling comfortable, vital, confident while sleeping better, relating better and enjoying more of your day and life.

So, lose the frustration, being stuck, isolation, hyper-vigilance, rumination and intrusive negative thoughts and gain new insights, moving forward with goals, new relationships and adventures.

The Program

It starts out with some experiential energy work to relax and retrain your fight or flight instincts. This reduces the source of tension, headaches, rumination, and intensity of your emotions in your body. You will be able to relax on command. We will use just the right remedy for you – CBT, hypnosis, cognitive hypnotherapy and/or biofeedback.

Beyond the physical healing, there must be healing for the mind that fits triggers, life, your exact situation and personality, these can include modern and rich traditional therapies: Client Centered Therapy, CBT, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Trauma Focused Therapy, Brainspotting (similar to EDMR) DBT, Solution Focused, Cognitive Mindfulness Based Therapy, and VR therapies.

We will illuminate the stressors, triggers, and patterns that bring on the discomfort and manifest new ways of relating to adversity and coping.

You will arrive at a place, the spiritual solution, where at your very core, you will feel and believe “I am going to be ok, no matter what!”.


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