What you probably have not been told… about stress, anxiety and trauma

Quick relief  from your anxious thoughts and feelings – stress, anxiety, anticipation, hyper vigilance (PTSD), depression, overwhelmed, lack of focus and/or feeling on edge

If you need someone to talk to, Dr. LaVine is the right person!  We listen and focus first on the unwanted feelings! Bringing balance and calm again.

Secret 1  to recovery – People and  situations  trigger your anxious thoughts and feelings.

Neuroscience informs us that body sensations from certain experiences or thoughts activate or trigger a physiological stress response (fight, freeze or flight) in the mid-brain, sometimes out of conscious awareness. Overtime, sometimes a short time, this response creates an imbalance in the mind and body (it’s called autonomic system dysregulation).

It is this imbalance that is the cause of anxious feelings – anxious, edgy, jittery, tense, overwhelmed, often irritable feelings, maybe with stomach aches and bowel issues. Over a longer period of time the imbalance leads to anxiety disorders, emotional exhaustion, lack of sleep, physical health issues, even more negativity in thoughts and beliefs (depression), and loss of life energy.  So long as the anxiety is still present, and you lack the ability to change or manage it, the anxiety only gets worse.

The Remedy – Dr. LaVine’s Anxiety program deals with anxious feelings and thoughts.

Dr. LaVine is exactly that, a doctor; a very experienced expert in neuroscience and how the very latest approaches can be applied to your anxiety.  He has just the right therapy program for you to quickly relieve the feelings, thoughts, and pain; even if other approaches have failed you.

The psychiatrist can prescribe medication to get this effect, however, once you stop taking it, the discomfort and the old thoughts are back, along with a possible dependency issue. We create the ability within oneself, to master your own feelings using the amazing power of your own mind.  An excellent way for those who do not want to take medication, or if they need to, the minimum amount.

So, lose the frustration, being stuck, isolation, hyper-vigilance, rumination and intrusive negative thoughts and gain new insights, moving forward with goals, new relationships and adventures.

The Three Phase Program

Most people respond and feel better with 1-3 sessions.  They complete the the following three key overlapping aspects of the anxiety program within 8-12 weeks; even if attempts with self help or others have failed them.

While the fundamentals are the same, the Anxiety Program delivery is customized and tailored to each person’s concerns, personality and financial needs.

You will arrive at a place, the spiritual solution, where at your very core, you will feel and believe “I am going to be ok, no matter what!”.  Clients often report a “new energy and purpose in their lives!”   Dr. LaVine is open to spirituality and all beliefs and believes, for some it can produce a sudden psychic change, for others in is more educational.


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