Dr. LaVine’s Anxiety Management Program

Quick relief  from your anxious thoughts and feelings – stress, anxiety, anticipation, hyper vigilance (PTSD), depression, overwhelmed, lack of focus and/or feeling on edge

If you need someone to talk to, Dr. LaVine is the right person!  We listen and focus first on the unwanted feelings! Bringing balance an calm again.


The Three Phase Program

Most people respond and feel better with 1-3 sessions.  They complete the the following three key overlapping aspects of the anxiety program within 8-12 weeks; even if attempts with self help or others have failed them.

While the fundamentals are the same the program delivery is customized and tailored to each person’s concerns, personality and financial needs.

1. The Body

Imagine being  able to relax on your command.  Many of my clients say they have never truly relaxed before.  Recovery starts with an empathetic therapist listening and helping you process your emotions.  This leads to experiential  work to relax on command and retrain your unconscious mind (which controls anxiety and relaxation.)  On command relaxation allows you to regulate the intensity of your emotions.  As you gain this ability you will reduce the source of tension, headaches, rumination, and intensity of your feelings in your body.  We will use just the right remedy for you, as with most things, getting started is the hardest part – CBT, hypnosis, cognitive hypnotherapy, VR Therapy and/or biofeedback.

2. The Mind

Beyond the physical balance, there must be a breaking of anxiety mind habits that create excessive worry.  Because different people have experienced different trauma’s and losses, your therapy will be personalized to take in the specific triggers, life events, your  situation and your personality.  The therapist will help you examine the underlying reasons for worry, rumination and/or anticipation.

Therapy can include a combination of both modern and rich traditional therapies, such as: Client Centered Therapy, CBT, Neuropsychotherapy, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Trauma Focused Therapy, Brainspotting (similar to EDMR) DBT, Solution Focused, Cognitive Mindfulness Based Therapy, and VR therapies.  You will develop new coping strategies and skills.

We will reduce or illuminate the stressors, triggers, and patterns that bring on the discomfort and manifest new ways of relating to adversity and coping.

3. The Spirit, beliefs and life forces

You will arrive at a place, the spiritual solution, where at your very core, you will feel and believe “I am going to be ok, no matter what!”.  Clients often report a “new energy and purpose in their lives!”   Dr. LaVine is open to spirituality and all beliefs and believes, for some it can produce a sudden psychic change, for others in is more educational.


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