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How You Can Get Relief  and Deal With Anxiety Symptoms

“Awesome…, great to be able to relax and have a clear mind”- Meredith

  • Anxious Feelings
  • Hypervigilance (PTSD), Startle response, Irritability,  Exhaustion, PANIC
  • Insomnia
  • Excessive Worry Or “Foggy Thinking
  • Anticipation
  • Avoidance & “Bad Habits”

“The difference was having a nonjudgmental person to talk to who  provided feedback and the tools to turn my anxiety and depression around in 3 sessions”- LS

We focus on the unwanted feelings first!

Quickly bringing balance, sleep and calm back again.

As long as the anxiety is still present, and you lack the ability to change or manage it, the anxiety will only continue to grow, bringing more pain, and eventually manifesting in every area of your life – causing many more serious conditions!

The Remedy – Dr. LaVine’s   5-Step NeuroScience Based Anxiety Program deals with anxious feelings and thoughts.

Dr. LaVine is a highly experienced empathetic expert in neuroscience and specializes in anxiety and anxiety with other issues.  He has structured just the right therapy program for you to quickly relieve the feelings, thoughts, and pain; even if similar sounding or other approaches have failed you, you have not tried his program.

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The state of the art 2021 program uses integrated techniques, as appropriate for you, from:

CBT, Neuropsychotherapy, Biofeedback, Virtual Reality, DBT, ACT, Hypnosis, Cognitive Mindfulness, and Gestalt.

The program enables the amazing power of your mind to master the intense emotions and thoughts brought about from your past experience.

It is an excellent way for those who do not want to take medication, or if they need to, the minimum amount to get relief.

So, like over 2,200 anxious patients, lose the angst, frustration, being stuck, isolation, hyper-vigilance, rumination and intrusive negative thoughts and gain new insights, moving forward with goals, new relationships and adventures.

While the fundamentals are the same, the delivery of Dr. LaVine’s  5 Step Anxiety Program  is personalized and tailored to your concerns, history, personality and financial needs.


SEEING PATIENTS IN OFFICE                                        OR                                    VIA TELEHEALTH



Anxiety, Depression and Grief

Sadness, low energy and an overwhelming sense of loss can be debilitating and result in anxiety in addition to depression.  When losses are large, unexpected or prolonged, Dr. LaVine has provided the help required to deal with the intense emotions and get to the other side.

Anxiety and Trauma (PTSD)

Trauma or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  (PTSD) recovery require special care, skills and a safe environment to process the consequences of being so violated and injured. Dr. LaVine has helped many individuals who have seen other therapist to complete recovery.

Anxiety and Medical Condition

Many Medical Conditions, particularly neurologically based ones like TBI and MS, create sensations and cognitive issues that engender anxiety. Dr. LaVine has treated these as well as individuals with reactions to medications, Cancer and other significant medical issues.

Anxiety and Relationship Issues

Dr. LaVine treats individuals in relationships that deals with how the relationship is triggering anxiety.

Anxiety and ADHD

Dr, LaVine is an expert in ADHD diagnosis and treatment.  Anxiety is often undiagnosed aspect of ADHD and vice versa, many with anxiety remain undiagnosed for their ADHD.

Anxiety and Panic

Many clients suffer from worries about panicking in public or when trigged by some form of phobia.  Dr. LaVine’s program allows them to grab hold of the panic, stop and in many cases diminish or extinguish the fear response.

Anxiety and Insomnia

Regardless of the cause,  over three quarters of the patients with anxiety and insomnia are able to get sleep within 2-3 weeks of entering the program.

More on Specific Anxiety Disorders:


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