Dependency Treatment

Dependency and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dependency treatment initially requires significant support, that is why residential treatment, Intensive Outpatient Treatment (IOP) and 12 Step programs are used to get started. All of these programs are effective at dealing with the initial medical and withdrawal issues in the first few weeks or months of recovery. However, there are many longer term issues that require specialized treatment to resolve.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Bipolar depression, major depression, ADHD, and/or PTSD is present in over 50% of those recovering from addiction. These issues require advanced therapy, beyond what is offered in standardized addition treatment center approaches. Dr. LaVine will help you identify the critical changes you can make and support you making these changes. Treatment centers also tend to prefer the “medical approach”, ie intensive psychopharmacological approaches. This medicine based approach allows them to reduce the amount of individual attention and therapy required and still deal with the symptoms. Many of my clients prefer to find ways of dealing with symptoms with lesser medication or none at all. As we find alternative ways to bring you balance, your psychiatrist can reduce or eliminate your medications.

Medication (Benzodiazepines) Dependency

One of the most popular category medications for anxiety are benzodiazepines (Valium, Xanax, Klonopin… ). These drugs have been studied for over 40 years and found to be effective for short term relief from anxiety and a bridge to more effective long term solution of therapy or learning new life skills. However, many patient take them for months or years, never getting full resolution of there issues and suffering both short and long term side effects.

The Remedy

See how Dr. LaVine can help you through this two – four week period without dealing with the downside of residential treatment.

Family and relationship issues

Reintegration with family and friends can be challenging, new levels of trust, new patterns of interaction are required. Often family or couple’s therapy can make the difference. Dr. LaVine’s preference is short term (4-10 weeks) of Gestalt Brief Family Therapy where not only communication issues are addressed but the couple or family work out a solution that meets all of their needs.

Personality traits or disorders

Personality traits relationship issues occur when someone has inflexible, long-term patterns of thoughts and behaviors. Often those affected have trouble realizing that they have a personality problem. To them, their thoughts are normal, and it seems that their problems are caused by others. The main clue is that their interaction with others in close relationships and at work are often stormy relationships.

Addicts have a much higher chance of having a personality disorder than the general population as they often have an inherited trait to hypersensitivity and reactiveness. They are also likely to have had a childhood experiences that play a role. In any event, identifying and changing patterns of thought and behavior that are not getting the person what they seek in relationships.

Another indication of a personality issue is at play is if anxiety or depression remained unresolved after twelve weeks. The inflexibility of these disorders leads to complications in resolving these issues.

Dr. LaVine will administer the appropriate personality assessment to identify the patterns and work with each client to develop their own solution using empirically supported individual therapies.

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